Founded in 1984, Michigan Information Systems (MIS) is a Detroit-based software development firm, that designs and implements large-scale ERP software systems for the steel industry.  These include closed-loop production control and inventory systems, electronic data interchange (EDI), real-time plant floor integration, and advanced robotics.  The ERP suite also includes industrial strength financial, procurement, customer service, logistics, and quality control systems.

A carefully constructed implementation method has been engineered to provide turnkey software systems that support high volume transaction sets, with the highest possible levels of control measures and automation, in the least amount of time with the least amount of transition trauma.  The advanced business intelligence architected into the systems are all designed with the base principles of maximizing efficiency and throughput, while minimizing staffing requirements and production constraints. 

Technical modernization, correctly applied, significantly enhances company-wide productivity.  Computers have come of age in all aspects of the business cycle, and MIS continues to be a forerunner in the practical application of advanced ERP systems in the steel service sector.