Production Control Systems

The Production Control package is a closed-loop set of applications that control and monitor your production process, and incorporate the latest in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) technology.  The systems encompass the complete production cycle from order entry through invoicing, and material procurement through shipment.  The systems support both toll and non-toll production, and real-time plant floor production monitoring.  Barcode and intelligent equipment interface services are included to facilitate timely and accurate recording of gauge, width,  and scale data, and production of AIAG labels.

Production Planning - Production requirements automatically appear on the screen for the production planners via activity of the sales group. The MIS system allows the planners to group sales orders together, match them up with master coils, and create the processes necessary to turn the coils into customer-deliverable product. It provides extensive warnings if a certain coil won't meet a certain tolerance parameter for a customer spec.

Production Scheduling - Production Scheduling requirements automatically appear on the 'to-do' screen for the production schedulers as the planners complete work orders. The scheduling system outlines the schedule and backlog for each piece of equipment. Work orders are approved and sequenced for the lines. The system continually monitors production as it happens and updates the schedules through to shipping.

Plant Floor Control - These systems, utilizing terminals, scanners, and printers located throughout the plant, provide for real-time management, recording, and monitoring of all plant areas in real time.  The systems are integrated with all other software components, including receiving, sales, shipping, QC, and EDI, providing up-to-the-second monitoring and control of all plant activity.

Inventory Control - The Inventory Control module controls and monitors all raw material and finished product data, activity, and quantities.  The system supports specific identity coil master file data, multiple warehouses, real-time allocations, and on-line time-phased requirement detail. 

Quality Control - The Quality Control system provides administration of all quality related parameters of the production process.  If line operators put material on-hold due to quality or tolerance problems, a NCM (Non-Conforming Material) event number is assigned, HOLD tags are produced, and the items automatically appear on the Quality screens.

Traffic Control/Logistics - The Traffic Control system provides on-line scheduling of inbound and outbound trucks and rail cars.  The screen shows the status of all scheduled and un-scheduled shipments and receipts, and provides for the setup and expediting of all material movement events.  This module also provides for multiple drops, multiple pickups and various freight charge tables.

Shipping/Receiving - On-line real-time modules that monitor incoming and outgoing material.  The Receiving functions are integrated with the purchasing systems to track the receipt and Quality Control details of received items.